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When you make the decision (our your body or doctor makes it for you) to adopt a new eating style, changing a lifetime of habits may seem overwhelming. I am happy to be your guide for the incorporation of your new nutritional plan into your life. Many people feel that changing the way they eat is hard work, but I can show you how to make this adventure efficient, economical, and sustainable. Oh yeah…and FUN!!

For those of you looking to optimize your weight, increase your energy, or improve your physical condition, I am excited to incorporate lifestyle coaching into our sessions. I can help you to define your goals and adopt new and effective ways to bring those goals into reality. I love to share my extensive study of various whole foods eating styles and the science behind them. Learning about how low-carbohydrate, whole foods choices can optimize your health can prove to be VERY motivating. Let's talk about how personal coaching and group classes at the office can help you take control of your everyday choices and put you on track to make lasting changes to your lifestyle.

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