Balance Massage & WellWorks Testimonials

"I literally feel like a million bucks!! The everyday pain has resided so much that it is actually staggering to me... It feels like, (with Cupping therapy), Lauren removed all the stress and negativity that was apparently hiding in my muscles. Thank you again!"
- Brett F.

"Lauren's massages with cupping have provided me welcome pain relief. I have experienced chronic ongoing pain for over 2 years, radiating from my lower left side down my leg to the bottom of my foot. The pain had reached an intensity that prevented me from sleeping in bed through the night.
With Lauren's continued personalized massage sessions for me, she has achieved a relief of pain that now allows me to get complete nights of sleep in my bed instead of a living room reclining chair. This is absolutely wonderful to feel fully rested with the start of each day. I am a very happy client of Lauren's."
- JoEllen P.

"Lauren is a great individual. She has vast knowledge about how the body works, how foods you eat play an importance to the inflammation and health of your body . Also helps she is the best massage therapist I've ever been too. She has freed up muscle holding patterns I've had for years. I have experienced better results with her then I had going to a chiropractor. I see a chiropractor maybe once a month now. I see Lauren once a week. I'll tell you your forearms and feet will feel so much better. My feet no longer ache. Shoulders and traps aren't stiff or tight. My hips and hamstrings have more mobility. Also I have no more stiffness or pain in my back, even with the hotel beds I sleep in and all the traveling I do."
- Adam Briceland

"Lauren is amazing. Very knowledgeable in her profession. Shared lots of stretching techniques that will improve my training for various events. But most importantly she helped relieve almost all the pain from a sports injury after two sessions."
- Kim Schultz, June 10, 2015

"Lauren is amazing!"
- Karin White Conway, October 22, 2013

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